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At Devinity Hospice, we believe that everyone has the right to think about and determine the kind of care he or she would want at the end of life. We are dedicated to expanding the choices available to people with life-limiting illnesses and providing a specialized kind of expert care focused on enhancing comfort and overall quality of life, despite advancing illness.
We also believe that personal choice is best served when people seek information, consider their values and discuss their wishes regarding care at the end of life—well in advance of a medical need to exercise those choices. One way to achieve this goal is through advance directives, which are tools for stating your wishes before medical providers might need to know those wishes.

Living Will

The best known of these tools is the living will, a written document that defines your wishes about medical treatments and what should or should not be done if you are no longer able to express your treatment preferences.

Power of Attorney

The durable power of attorney for healthcare decisions is another such tool, allowing you to name a proxy representative who could speak for your values and wishes if you are not able to speak for yourself because of illness, injury or debilitation.

Advance Directives

Advance directive documents are legally recognized in every state, although each state has established its own parameters for the use of these tools. Click here to find your state’s guidelines.
To make sure that your own wishes will be honored at the end of life, we encourage you to:
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